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Who Witnessed the Temples Fall
In postproduction


Duration: 72 minutes


Genre: Fiction 


Cast: José Fernández, Anas Derbal


Director: Lucía Alonso Santos

Producer: Daniel Peña

Executive producer: Guillem Mula and Alejandro González

Screenplay: Lucía Alonso Santos and Joan López

Director of photography: Jan Haase

Edition: Alicia Tapounet and Lucía Alonso

Production design: Gloria Ribas

Costume design: Lucía Fernández-Matamoros

Sound: David Liñán

Sound design: Laura Gantes






The ruined body of Chorrojumo has wandered silently through the streets of Granada for one hundred and eighty-three years. Under the scorching sun he waits, with his hand raised, for a coin. The infinite limbo in which he lives is interrupted by the arrival of a young moroccan who carries an ancient key in his hands.


Together they begin a search for the ruins, spaces that have disappeared or are in transition, of present-day Granada, searching for the house of the young man ancestors; the last Moriscos expelled, of which he still has memories.

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